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NameSale Date/Broadcast Start Role
BOOK OF LIFE2014 (film), 2015 (dubbing) Voice of La Muerte. Movie title is translated to "BOOK OF LIFE ~Manolo's Hapless Adventure~". (ブック・オブ・ライフ 〜マノロの数奇な冒険〜)
THE BOOKS: MOMOTARONovember 2015 Official Homepage. Next performance
Shumei Doki (一声入魂!アニメ声優塾)September 2015 (End) Co-starred with Nakagawa Shoko as 7th instructor. Also a rebroadcast. Considered "Intuition Genius"?
Seiendan & Kikyuu Senshi Ibaliger Charity Event (声援団&イバライガーチャリティーイベント開催!)September 2015 Info here. Voice of Lumijo during live show. Katsuki-san became a SE member in 2014. seiendan blog
Eiyū Densetsu Shikkusu Sora no Kiseki" (英雄伝説VIシックス 空の軌跡EVO2015</b> "Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky EVO". Remake for PS Vita. Voice of Queen Alicia.
Gundam EXVS2014</b> Role of Rondo Mina Sahaku, pilot of Gold Frame Amatsu Mina custom. DLC.
Wander over Yonder (なんだかんだワンダー)January 2014 "Nanda Kanda Wanda". Japanese dub of Disney Cartoon. Role of Silvia Information here
Soreike! Anpanman (それいけ!アンパンマン)Airing Tekka No Maki-chan (Occasional appearances)
Naruto Shippūden (ナルト 疾風伝)Airing Tsunade (The Fifth Hokage)
ICarlyAiring Mrs. Benson



Two teasers

Posted by doggiedynasty on 2015.12.11 at 10:56
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Hello guys,

Doggie with a quick update. I have my MS Word open to type up the ever-anticipated entry on Katsuki's NHK's appearance, but it's still difficult. But I return with a couple of videos.

BOOK of Life's Japanese-dubbed trailer.

Again, Katsuki is the voice of La Muerte. Movie title is translated to "BOOK OF LIFE ~Manolo's Hapless Adventure~". (ブック・オブ・ライフ 〜マノロの数奇な冒険〜). You can't miss her: She speaks in the beginning.

"The day of the dead." I think the more I watch these dub trailers, the more impressed I get. Here's the English version (linked).

Next is SEVEN KNIGHTS. A video is like the promotional video I posted earlier but voices are added. Again, Katsuki voices one of the Knights herself: Eileen!



Posted by doggiedynasty on 2015.11.14 at 20:27
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Hello guys,

Here's Doggie with a quick update, starting off with Pokemon XY and then a new game announcement.


Like I said in the previous entry, Katsuki voices the Psychic gym leader of Kalos, Gojika (ゴジカ). In English version, she is known as Olympia. XY has ended a few weeks ago, and Olympia was basically the season's last gym leader, forcibly leading us by the reins into XY&Z (premiering Oct 29). The impression she gave was quite astonishing and there were many positive comments about the gym battle. According to http://www.videor.co.jp/, the final episode of XY, which was the gym battle, received an average household rating of 4.5% for Japanese animation. The Pokemon series being in Japan's culture for years, #anipoke trends on Twitter every week.

It's also funny to mention - after Pokemon, NARUTO airs, so I saw comments such as "Super Katsuki Time" (meaning one hour) and "Are Gojika and Tsunade the same?!"

What can I say about Olympia herself? I mentioned in the previous entry that she speaks in haiku in the game version, but that is quite different in the anime. She is so grandiose, and gives us such shocking facial expressions, that she was described as to having a "final boss aura" by many. Isn't it very suitable?

And the riveting (?) scene at the start of Olympia's debut ep: 光が見えた (hikari ga mieta!). "I SEE THE LIGHT!" High-strung performance is well done, specifying the type of psychic force hitting Olympia as she foretells an upcoming chaos that will come to Kalos. She says "mieta!" ("I see it!") when she receives a powerful psychic premonition. That or a sudden exclamation (ie: "Haaaaa!"). There were some funny comments on Twitter regarding her gym:


Olympia's signature attack line is: 「てだすけ、ならびに みらいよち!」 (tedasuke, narabi ni mirayochi)
"Helping Hand (tedasuke) and then Future Sight (miraiyochi)!"
"Combine Helping Hand with Future Sight!"


Famitsu: βテスト募集】リアルタイムターン制バトルRPG『セブンナイツ(SevenKnights)

And it continues!

The IOS/Android game "SEVEN KNIGHTS" is getting a Japanese version with a stellar cast. Weeks ago, I played the game (English version) for about 3 minutes so I don't have much of an opinion on it. Hopefully that can change if/when I increase my data ^.^; It has full voice and a real time combat system!

Katsuki will voice one of the Seven Knights herself: Eileen, the Empress of Fodina (フォーディナの女帝 アイリーン).

If I recall reading her storyline, Eileen (further left in above photo) is a member of the mercenary clan "Dawn". She is friends with another knight, Rachel, who helped Eileen become a better warrior. However, Rachel is a member of a rival clan "Agni". After her relative, the chief of Dawn, Eileen restructured the mercenaries and cleansed the Fodina Kingdom from evil orcs.

If you're curious, here is the rest of the Knights cast:

・エバン(浪川大輔)- Main male character "EVAN" is Namikawa Daisuke
・カリン(佐藤利奈) - Main heroine, Evan's best friend Karin, is Sato Rina

The Knigths
・絶対守護者 ルディ(三木眞一郎)- Miki Shichirou is Rudy
・地獄の君主 クリス(森川智之) - Morikawa Toshiyuki is Chris
・守護神 ジェイブ(松本梨香)- Matsumoto Rika is Jave
・極寒の暴君 スパイク(伊藤健太郎)- Itoh Kentaro is Spike
・不滅の化身 レイチェル(新井里美) - Arai Satomi is Rachael
・死の君主 デロンズ(関智一)- Seki Tomokazu is Dellons

Here is the promotional video!


Promoted to Gym Leader

Posted by doggiedynasty on 2015.10.08 at 17:41
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The beloved POKEMON (Pocket Monsters) XY series!

In previous installments, Katsuki-san has voiced Team Rocket memebr Yamato (Cassidy) and Coordinator Savannah.

But now! In this day and age, she returns as one of the gym leaders of the Kalos Region: Olympia (Gojika in Japanese) of Anistar Gym. Her pokemon are psychic types.

Debut episode will air on October 15, coincidentally or is it? her birthday.

One of Olympia/Gojika's traits is her speech. She speaks in haiku like fashion.

「これは 儀式  そう ポケモン勝負」
"This is a ritual. Now, a pokemon contest."

NHK's Shumei Doki (一声入魂!アニメ声優塾) aired at the start of this week, and there still seems to be a fever from it. An impression was strong but not enough to trend? (sigh)

There is no slowdown; same week, Katsuki-san participated in the Seiendan x Kikyuu Senshi Ibaliger Charity Event of this week (声援団&イバライガーチャリティーイベント開催!)

Ibaliger is a local hero, character based on Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman media (primarily tokusatsu), in Ibaraki Prefecture.
). According to spectators of the event, she voiced Lumejyo (ルメージョ), one of the Four Devas of Jyakku Empire during the stage show. Lumejyo is known for being very cold-hearted.

Shumei Doki. I have too much to talk about, so I wish to take my time to absorb as much details as possible and to create a proper report. Again, I have been very busy and I am sorry; in addition, I have been mentally weak.

I will say this -- this was very special. Depending on my research, time, and stamina, I may put this in three parts. I say three just in case. My main goal is two: one for full details on Katsuki's segment and one being about something she said at the end, the latter being quite heartfelt to many of my watchers including myself. The segment itself might be too long for one post, but I can at least explain some highlights.

Sample of what's to come:
*Katsuki ryuu: Refresh (AKA: Stress relief)
*Intuitive advice
*"Tsunade is me."
*Reciting Sailor Neptune...and then forgetting (which was quite cute)
**"I am truly human ^.^;;."
*Final Message: "Love oneself".

One day, I elaborate on the freedom techniques of KATSUKI-ISM! (勝生イズム).

Also, I need to update the blurb. Tonight.

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Important Note: Takayama Minami does not use twitter, but the owner of this tweet is a big fan.

Just a reminder, Katuski's appearance on Shumei Doki is next week Tuesday on September 15th! Hirano Fumi, known for her role as Lum on Urusei Yatsura, was the previous guest, and the program gives us a preview.

Quote: セーラーネプチューン……何だっけ?」
"Sailor Neptune....what is it?"

Nakagawa Shoko was on the floor laughing, a hint on what's to come?

Subtitle: 止まらない勝生
"Instructor Katsuki does not stop!"

Missed a few things such as Katsuki going to a winery and more golfing.

[ Japanese Dub & Narration ]

La Muerte

The Japanese dub of the movie "Constantine" (Starring Keanu Reeves) was aired on TV. Katsuki voiced the angel Gabriel (Twilda Swinton) and her performance was given, surprisingly, a wide reaction on Twitter.

Also, a Japanese dub of the 2014 "BOOK OF LIFE" is set to be released this year. Katsuki is voicing La Muerte of the above posted picture.

There was also narration recently on a cruise program.

[ FUR BABY is growing up ]
In my previous entry, I mentioned that Katsuki brought home a new kitty! The name was first announced as "Cacao", but it seems that the name was either changed or Katsuki didn't make up her mind then.

The cat's name is Karira (カリラ), and kitty's getting a bit big. Name is probably based on the whiskey Caol Ila. It is suitable as Katsuki loves wine and beer. Welcome Caolila. Also, Cari is a BOY?!

Family: Small, middle, big!. 2 sisters, 1 brother. =D And was Cari vaccinated?

Caolila grows up, and is a bit of a strong biter; does Katsuki bleed sometimes? However, it looks like mama is the only target as Tomato and Brocoli seems to withdraw. ^.^;

[ BLOG ]
GAKO: 「こんな私ですが…」 (This is my...)

It may be due to her appearing on TV soon (see below), but a new face appearance after visit to hair salon =D. Which she doesn't seem to be confident about. If that's without makeup, then it's pretty good =D And the best darn-dest smile. I can't even watch the program and I'm still excited.

GAKO:夏の定番!だったのに… (Popular produce of the Summer! It was...)

What is this product?! It always disappears from the local market, at least according to Katsuki.

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Photos and textCollapse )


News News News

Posted by doggiedynasty on 2015.07.09 at 10:54
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Let's start with new family member:

From the same shelter as Tomato and Brocoli, Katsuki has a new cute kitty!

Everyone, welcome little wittle "CACAO": Twitter/Photo. Kitty seems very very young.

PHOTO: Nevermind the toy, it wants the finger
Good energetic Cacao, painful nails

[ New Video game appearance ]
Official Site
Katsuki-san voices Queen Alicia in HD Remake of "Eiyū Densetsu Shikkusu Sora no Kiseki" (英雄伝説VIシックス 空の軌跡EVO; Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky). Released for PS Vita, it's called FC Evolution.

Most recent news has just fired up:

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

I'll elaborate on details another time since I'm busy and need to leave soon. To be brief, it's a TV appearance. Katsuki-san will appear on the 9th month (September) as the lucky 7th guest, along with other big names such as Furukawa Toshio (who also RTed a tweet related to this), Seki Tomokazu, Hirano Fumi, Kamiya Akira, and Nozawa Masako. Suitable as Katsuki is also an instructor.

My heart's gonna throb like crazy.

Super Cry

Memories of the Lost (2014)

Posted by doggiedynasty on 2015.03.11 at 23:04
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A year later, and I have yet to post this tweet.

In 2014, we lost a few veteran seiyu/actors, a couple on the same day (or a day from each other), and one tweet from Katsuki is so endearing that I decided to give it its own entry.

[ Nagai Ichiro ]
A beloved voice over/actor of both young and old fans, his name was not elusive.

A gentle smile
"I remember a gentle smile of Nagai Ichiro-san. Many good memories I can't speak in words.
Inside a heart...Nagai-san, thank you for all you did." She doesn't seem happy by the looks of that emoji.

RT over 250 times; favorites over 150.. Really sweet that I cried. I really want to translate this 100%. If there is an error, please tell me.

"That night hearing of Nagai-san's passing, a dream of Nagai-san! Passing a ticket barrier [at train], there's a outdoor hot spring bath or so it looked like. Nagai-san enjoyed it while wearing clothes.

"Afterward, as i wait for train to home, Katsuki says, "Please carry on!"

"I have already decided on it." I smiled and woke up. A parting gift."

Atta girl! (punch)

[ Tsukada Masaaki ]

"In a heart, the affectionate sound of Tsukada-san's voice. And smiling face! I will never forget it. Thank you very much. m(_ _)m

There is a tweet regarding another deceased, but I have to recover it. A member from her 81 Produce agency.

That's enough for today. Sorry it took so long. Maybe I didn't do it because it was a shock.

It's that time again. The blurb is being updated so I post down the old blurb.

JESSIE will return to the list; Katsuki is indeed Chesterfield. I am going to remove SMASH and Chaika; updating BOOKs with the new performance of "Monkey Crab battle".


* LEGEND: Anime | Game | CD | Dubbing | Live/Other

NameSale Date/Broadcast Start Role
Chaika - The Coffin Princess Avenging BattleOctober 2014 Role of Claudia Dodge (クローディア・ダッジ). Coffin Princess Chaika (棺姫のチャイカ). AVENGING BATTLE is Season 2 of the anime.
THE BOOKS: "Little Woman" and "Goshu the Cellist"September 20 and 21, 2014 (completed) Official Homepage. THE BOOKS finished their 2nd performance. Katsuki voiced field mouse (GoC) and Meg (LW)
Gundam EXVS2014 Role of Rondo Mina Sahaku, pilot of Gold Frame Amatsu Mina custom. DLC.
TERA: Aborea2014 Extra Voice. Official Website
Wander over Yonder (なんだかんだワンダー)January 2014 "Nanda Kanda Wanda". Japanese dub of Disney Cartoon. Role of Silvia Information here
『SMASH』 Season 2Nov 2012; Oct 2013 - Feb 2014 (Season 2 completed) TV drama. Julia (Debra Messing)
Soreike! Anpanman (それいけ!アンパンマン)Airing Tekka No Maki-chan (Occasional appearances)
Naruto Shippūden (ナルト 疾風伝)Airing Tsunade (The Fifth Hokage)
ICarlyAiring Mrs. Benson

- Entry on Tera and Gundam EXVS

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