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[STICKY] K.M Appearances + Navigation Links (UPDATE: September 24, 2015)


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NameSale Date/Broadcast Start Role
BOOK OF LIFE2014 (film), 2015 (dubbing) Voice of La Muerte. Movie title is translated to "BOOK OF LIFE ~Manolo's Hapless Adventure~". (ブック・オブ・ライフ 〜マノロの数奇な冒険〜)
THE BOOKS: MOMOTARONovember 2015 Official Homepage. Next performance
Shumei Doki (一声入魂!アニメ声優塾)September 2015 (End) Co-starred with Nakagawa Shoko as 7th instructor. Also a rebroadcast. Considered "Intuition Genius"?
Seiendan & Kikyuu Senshi Ibaliger Charity Event (声援団&イバライガーチャリティーイベント開催!)September 2015 Info here. Voice of Lumijo during live show. Katsuki-san became a SE member in 2014. seiendan blog
Eiyū Densetsu Shikkusu Sora no Kiseki" (英雄伝説VIシックス 空の軌跡EVO2015</b> "Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky EVO". Remake for PS Vita. Voice of Queen Alicia.
Gundam EXVS2014</b> Role of Rondo Mina Sahaku, pilot of Gold Frame Amatsu Mina custom. DLC.
Wander over Yonder (なんだかんだワンダー)January 2014 "Nanda Kanda Wanda". Japanese dub of Disney Cartoon. Role of Silvia Information here
Soreike! Anpanman (それいけ!アンパンマン)Airing Tekka No Maki-chan (Occasional appearances)
Naruto Shippūden (ナルト 疾風伝)Airing Tsunade (The Fifth Hokage)
ICarlyAiring Mrs. Benson

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