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One more month + new kitty's a boy

Missed a few things such as Katsuki going to a winery and more golfing.

[ Japanese Dub & Narration ]

La Muerte

The Japanese dub of the movie "Constantine" (Starring Keanu Reeves) was aired on TV. Katsuki voiced the angel Gabriel (Twilda Swinton) and her performance was given, surprisingly, a wide reaction on Twitter.

Also, a Japanese dub of the 2014 "BOOK OF LIFE" is set to be released this year. Katsuki is voicing La Muerte of the above posted picture.

There was also narration recently on a cruise program.

[ FUR BABY is growing up ]
In my previous entry, I mentioned that Katsuki brought home a new kitty! The name was first announced as "Cacao", but it seems that the name was either changed or Katsuki didn't make up her mind then.

The cat's name is Karira (カリラ), and kitty's getting a bit big. Name is probably based on the whiskey Caol Ila. It is suitable as Katsuki loves wine and beer. Welcome Caolila. Also, Cari is a BOY?!

Family: Small, middle, big!. 2 sisters, 1 brother. =D And was Cari vaccinated?

Caolila grows up, and is a bit of a strong biter; does Katsuki bleed sometimes? However, it looks like mama is the only target as Tomato and Brocoli seems to withdraw. ^.^;

[ BLOG ]
GAKO: 「こんな私ですが…」 (This is my...)

It may be due to her appearing on TV soon (see below), but a new face appearance after visit to hair salon =D. Which she doesn't seem to be confident about. If that's without makeup, then it's pretty good =D And the best darn-dest smile. I can't even watch the program and I'm still excited.

GAKO:夏の定番!だったのに… (Popular produce of the Summer! It was...)

What is this product?! It always disappears from the local market, at least according to Katsuki.

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Okay, I mentioned this in the last entry: [ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

Basically, 8 VOs come onto the show as instructors.

Talent/VO/singer Nakagawa Shoko (Shokotan) is the host and Katsuki is the 7th host, appearing on September 15th! Live...LIVE!

There's also an interview book based on this program: 趣味どきっ! 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾

What the program is about:

番組では、魅力あるキャラを完成させるために、声優たちが声の演技に込めるもののすべてを“アニ神魂”と呼び、 単にアニメ制作現場の裏側を知るだけではなく、人生の教訓ともなる教えを学ぶ。

塾長として番組を取り仕切るのは、アニメ、漫画などに関する造詣が深く、声優としても活躍する歌手・タレントの中川翔子。 アニメと共に時代を創り上げてきた声優陣をゲスト講師として招き、“アニ神魂”を引き出していく。

Why is "that anime character" we know so attractive? The voice actors who breathe life and voice to the character, voice actors of effort and inventive idea, working behind the production, source of passion, are revealed to light.

This program, completing charming character, performance of voice actors are called "Ani god spirit".

Lessons of life are learned.


Also, I came across a tweet regarding the above-mentioned interview book. There seems to be a mention of "high school days" and the topic of women performing as male characters.
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