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Quick update (Shumei and Ibaliger)

NHK's Shumei Doki (一声入魂!アニメ声優塾) aired at the start of this week, and there still seems to be a fever from it. An impression was strong but not enough to trend? (sigh)

There is no slowdown; same week, Katsuki-san participated in the Seiendan x Kikyuu Senshi Ibaliger Charity Event of this week (声援団&イバライガーチャリティーイベント開催!)

Ibaliger is a local hero, character based on Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman media (primarily tokusatsu), in Ibaraki Prefecture.
). According to spectators of the event, she voiced Lumejyo (ルメージョ), one of the Four Devas of Jyakku Empire during the stage show. Lumejyo is known for being very cold-hearted.

Shumei Doki. I have too much to talk about, so I wish to take my time to absorb as much details as possible and to create a proper report. Again, I have been very busy and I am sorry; in addition, I have been mentally weak.

I will say this -- this was very special. Depending on my research, time, and stamina, I may put this in three parts. I say three just in case. My main goal is two: one for full details on Katsuki's segment and one being about something she said at the end, the latter being quite heartfelt to many of my watchers including myself. The segment itself might be too long for one post, but I can at least explain some highlights.

Sample of what's to come:
*Katsuki ryuu: Refresh (AKA: Stress relief)
*Intuitive advice
*"Tsunade is me."
*Reciting Sailor Neptune...and then forgetting (which was quite cute)
**"I am truly human ^.^;;."
*Final Message: "Love oneself".

One day, I elaborate on the freedom techniques of KATSUKI-ISM! (勝生イズム).

Also, I need to update the blurb. Tonight.
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