Doggie (doggiedynasty) wrote in katsuki_masako,

Promoted to Gym Leader

The beloved POKEMON (Pocket Monsters) XY series!

In previous installments, Katsuki-san has voiced Team Rocket memebr Yamato (Cassidy) and Coordinator Savannah.

But now! In this day and age, she returns as one of the gym leaders of the Kalos Region: Olympia (Gojika in Japanese) of Anistar Gym. Her pokemon are psychic types.

Debut episode will air on October 15, coincidentally or is it? her birthday.

One of Olympia/Gojika's traits is her speech. She speaks in haiku like fashion.

「これは 儀式  そう ポケモン勝負」
"This is a ritual. Now, a pokemon contest."
Tags: 2015, awesome, pokemon
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