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Two teasers

Hello guys,

Doggie with a quick update. I have my MS Word open to type up the ever-anticipated entry on Katsuki's NHK's appearance, but it's still difficult. But I return with a couple of videos.

BOOK of Life's Japanese-dubbed trailer.

Again, Katsuki is the voice of La Muerte. Movie title is translated to "BOOK OF LIFE ~Manolo's Hapless Adventure~". (ブック・オブ・ライフ 〜マノロの数奇な冒険〜). You can't miss her: She speaks in the beginning.

"The day of the dead." I think the more I watch these dub trailers, the more impressed I get. Here's the English version (linked).

Next is SEVEN KNIGHTS. A video is like the promotional video I posted earlier but voices are added. Again, Katsuki voices one of the Knights herself: Eileen!

Tags: 2015, game, japanese dub, movie, video clips
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