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Here's Doggie with a quick update, starting off with Pokemon XY and then a new game announcement.


Like I said in the previous entry, Katsuki voices the Psychic gym leader of Kalos, Gojika (ゴジカ). In English version, she is known as Olympia. XY has ended a few weeks ago, and Olympia was basically the season's last gym leader, forcibly leading us by the reins into XY&Z (premiering Oct 29). The impression she gave was quite astonishing and there were many positive comments about the gym battle. According to, the final episode of XY, which was the gym battle, received an average household rating of 4.5% for Japanese animation. The Pokemon series being in Japan's culture for years, #anipoke trends on Twitter every week.

It's also funny to mention - after Pokemon, NARUTO airs, so I saw comments such as "Super Katsuki Time" (meaning one hour) and "Are Gojika and Tsunade the same?!"

What can I say about Olympia herself? I mentioned in the previous entry that she speaks in haiku in the game version, but that is quite different in the anime. She is so grandiose, and gives us such shocking facial expressions, that she was described as to having a "final boss aura" by many. Isn't it very suitable?

And the riveting (?) scene at the start of Olympia's debut ep: 光が見えた (hikari ga mieta!). "I SEE THE LIGHT!" High-strung performance is well done, specifying the type of psychic force hitting Olympia as she foretells an upcoming chaos that will come to Kalos. She says "mieta!" ("I see it!") when she receives a powerful psychic premonition. That or a sudden exclamation (ie: "Haaaaa!"). There were some funny comments on Twitter regarding her gym:


Olympia's signature attack line is: 「てだすけ、ならびに みらいよち!」 (tedasuke, narabi ni mirayochi)
"Helping Hand (tedasuke) and then Future Sight (miraiyochi)!"
"Combine Helping Hand with Future Sight!"


Famitsu: βテスト募集】リアルタイムターン制バトルRPG『セブンナイツ(SevenKnights)

And it continues!

The IOS/Android game "SEVEN KNIGHTS" is getting a Japanese version with a stellar cast. Weeks ago, I played the game (English version) for about 3 minutes so I don't have much of an opinion on it. Hopefully that can change if/when I increase my data ^.^; It has full voice and a real time combat system!

Katsuki will voice one of the Seven Knights herself: Eileen, the Empress of Fodina (フォーディナの女帝 アイリーン).

If I recall reading her storyline, Eileen (further left in above photo) is a member of the mercenary clan "Dawn". She is friends with another knight, Rachel, who helped Eileen become a better warrior. However, Rachel is a member of a rival clan "Agni". After her relative, the chief of Dawn, Eileen restructured the mercenaries and cleansed the Fodina Kingdom from evil orcs.

If you're curious, here is the rest of the Knights cast:

・エバン(浪川大輔)- Main male character "EVAN" is Namikawa Daisuke
・カリン(佐藤利奈) - Main heroine, Evan's best friend Karin, is Sato Rina

The Knigths
・絶対守護者 ルディ(三木眞一郎)- Miki Shichirou is Rudy
・地獄の君主 クリス(森川智之) - Morikawa Toshiyuki is Chris
・守護神 ジェイブ(松本梨香)- Matsumoto Rika is Jave
・極寒の暴君 スパイク(伊藤健太郎)- Itoh Kentaro is Spike
・不滅の化身 レイチェル(新井里美) - Arai Satomi is Rachael
・死の君主 デロンズ(関智一)- Seki Tomokazu is Dellons

Here is the promotional video!
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